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"American Made Products Since 1905" Employee Owned Since 1980

Buckeye Fasteners--From Model A to Today

Buckeye Fasteners--From Model A to Today

Buckeye Fasteners products have been a pillar in the automotive industry since the 1920's. During this time, Buckeye (then known as "Ohio Nut & Bolt") began to produce square nuts, machine screws and weld fasteners. In 1928, Ohio's first large, commercial use of weld screws, were on the Model A Ford. The first HW weld screw was used on the frame of the Model A to allow one handed assembly of fenders. This photo appeared in the newsletter that Ohio Nut & Bolt produced and sent to their customers. 

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Ohio Nut & Bolt Company


Company History:

The Ohio Nut and Bolt Company, represented under the name Buckeye Fasteners Company, is a leading supplier and manufacturer of weld fasteners since 1905. The Ohio Nut & Bolt Co., founded in 1905, started as a bicycle chain manufacturer, then moved into the manufacturing of weld screws in 1926. One of their first major weld fastener customers was the Ford Motor Company, who used Ohio weld screws on the frame of the Model A to provide easier assembly of the fenders. The company was instrumental in the expansion of weld screws and weld nuts in the 1930’s and was recognized by the US War Department for their important “ahead of schedule” production during WW II.

Quality People and Products:

Buckeye Fasteners has supplied fasteners for the automotive, appliance, food equipment, medical, metalworking, and furniture industries. At Buckeye Fasteners, employee owners have been rolling up their sleeves for over 111 years. Today, the fastener group includes two Cleveland Ohio production facilities featuring the latest engineering and metallurgic skills to tackle the most challenging fastening requirement. The main distribution center located in Cleveland, Ohio is supported by outlying warehouses strategically placed throughout the United States, as well as a division in Ontario, Canada.

Buckeye Fasteners has been a 100% employee-owned (ESOP) company since 1980 and is ISO Quality Assured. Buckeye Fasteners provides a wide array of weld fasteners, adjusting screws, nuts, pressed nuts, stand-offs, cap, acorn, thumb nuts, rivet nuts, grease fittings, clevis pins, appliance levelers, furniture glides, channel nuts and more. Buckeye Fasteners has complete custom manufacturing capabilities and supports their products from development to implementation.

Every Good Weld Starts Here:

Buckeye Fasteners is truly a hidden gem in Northeast Ohio. Fasteners are critical in our society, as they hold together everything from cars to refrigerators. In a car, there can be hundreds of different weld fasteners. Buckeye serves tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers, as its parts end up in larger assemblies. This ranges from the hinge assembly in the trunk to brake assemblies to parts of a gas tank for a major motorcycle maker.

Buckeye Fasteners has continued a legacy of excellence throughout the past 111 years. What started as a bicycle manufacturer has become so much more, servicing a variety of industries. Buckeye continues to look toward the future and our team of engineers develops custom solutions to the most complex manufacturing challenges.

Featured Products

Square Weld Nut - Piloted - 4 Projections
Used where a self-locating square weld nut is needed to provide strength.
4 Projection Weld Nut:
Square Weld Nut With Four Large Weld Projections That Provide A Strong Weld.

Square Weld Nut - JIS
The JIS weld nut series is a non-piloted square nut with four uniform projections. The JIS weld nut is easily fixtured for rapid welding by a locator pin in the electrode.

"American Made Products Since 1905" Employee Owned Since 1980