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Employee Spotlight - Richard Gogolek

Friday, December 1, 2023

Employee Spotlight - Richard Gogolek

Meet Richard Gogolek: 36 Years of Dedication at Buckeye Fasteners

Richard Gogolek, Sales Associate, has been an integral part of our team since 1987. His passion lies in ensuring customer satisfaction, going beyond sales to foster lasting relationships. Let's learn more about Richard's experience, his career journey, and who he is outside of his work at Buckeye.

Passion for Customer Satisfaction

Richard takes pride in helping customers find the products they need. For him, it's not just about making a sale; it's about building relationships and ensuring that every customer walks away satisfied. His dedication to customer service has not only contributed to Buckeye Fasteners’ success but has also set a standard company-wide.

A Family-Inspired Origin

What drew Rich to our team more than 36 years ago? Family ties. With family members already part of the Buckeye Fasteners’ family, joining the company seemed like a natural progression. This familial connection has created a sense of belonging and unity for Rich, and we’re lucky to have had Rich and other members of the Gogolek family on our team.

Rich’s Typical Work Week

Prints, quotes, and phone calls, oh my! The fast-paced nature of his role as a Sales Associate demands quick thinking, efficient communication, and a knack for understanding customer needs. Through the hustle & bustle, Richard emphasizes the importance of teamwork.  "Working together helps us all," he said.

Words of Wisdom for New Employees

Reflecting on his over three and a half decades at Buckeye, Rich shares advice for those embarking on their careers within the company. "Be patient and know it’s not a race," he suggests. These themes of collaboration & perseverance have made Rich an outstanding leader in the sales department.

Beyond the Office

After work hours, Richard enjoys playing with his dogs, tending to yard work and devouring a good ol’ Chipotle burrito. When it comes to sports, he proudly identifies as a lifelong Cleveland fan, though he humorously notes the "suffering" that often comes with this allegiance.

The Cartoon Alter Ego

Finally, we ask the most intriguing question: if he could swap lives with a cartoon character, who would it be and why? Rich's choice is SpongeBob SquarePants. Why? "Carefree and friends with everybody!," he explains. A testament to his amiable nature and his appreciation for the simple joys of life.

Richard Gogolek's dedication, expertise and passion continue to drive our sales department forward. We are incredibly fortunate and proud to have him as a part of the Buckeye Fasteners family. Cheers to Richard's 36 years and all he’s brought to our team!

"Your Factory Source for Ohio Weld Fasteners" Employee Owned Since 1980