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"Your Factory Source for Ohio Weld Fasteners" Employee Owned Since 1980

Welding Equipment & Accessories

Welding Equipment & Accessories

Buckeye Fasteners carries a complete line of welding machines and accessories.                                                                   

We have stock or approved source for:

  • Arc Welders and accessories
  • CD Welders and accessories
  • Chiller Units
  • DC Welders                                                             
  • Electrode Fixtures
  • Force Gauges
  • Instrumentation
  • Press Type Welders
  • Rocker Arm Welders
  • Shunts
  • Timer Control Units
  • Weld Checkers
  • Welder Hose Replacements
  • Welding Electrodes (Tips)

As welding experts since 1905, we offer welding services.

We would be happy to:

  • Provide welding seminars and demo's
  • Send our welding experts and engineers to your facility.
  • Trouble shoot your welding issues.

We have an extensive network of top welding machine & equipment suppliers.

The benefit of using Buckeye for your welding needs:

  • We will help you identify the best tools for your project.
  • We already have a network of welder manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Our overall experience in welding is second to none.

Please tell us about your welding needs.  We are easy to communicate with. 

  • Call us toll free at 1-800-437-1689
  • Use our, "Live Chat" feature to chat with a welding expert. (M-F, 8am-5pm EST.)
  • Contact us using the quick request form below. 

                                                      Happy Welding!


"Your Factory Source for Ohio Weld Fasteners" Employee Owned Since 1980