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How One Employee Owner Brings His Life-Saving Hobby to the Office

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

How One Employee Owner Brings His Life-Saving Hobby to the Office

Twenty-Five Years of Employee Ownership

Glen began working at Buckeye Fasteners in November 1991. Over the past 25 years, he has held positions in a  variety of departments, including shipping, washer/driller tapper, tumbler, hand feeding thread rollers, and hand  feeding welders. Currently, Glen is the Safety Manager , a position which he has held since 2005.

A Pillar In the Community

 Glen has been a boy scout leader for 10 years. He started with oldest son’s troop and has continued with the  program ever since. Both of his sons, now in high school, are Eagle Scouts.“I became a Boy Scout leader to watch  my boys grow but I’ve found it to be a really rewarding process. Being a Boy Scout leader has allowed me to help  mold boys into men, and shape the next generation”, says Glen.

Glen is also a Volunteer Firefighter and EMT in Grafton, Ohio. Getting involved in firefighting was natural for Glen, as  firefighting is a family tradition on his wife’s side. Glen’s wife’s father, stepfather, brothers and grandfathers all EMTs  and firefighters. Glen is CRP/ELS Instructor and an Assistant Fire Instructor for the Lorain County Fire Chiefs  Association.

Bringing His Life-Saving Hobby to the Office

Glen’s firefighting background gives him a unique advantage in his position as Safety Manager. According to Glen,  many of OSHA’s programs come from firefighting recommendations. “I work with Buckeye to try and make changes  before OSHA safety regulations are enacted”, says Glen. His firefighting background has also opened his eyes to the  variety of injuries seen in the real world, and has given him ideas for solutions to prevent injuries in his Buckeye  Fasteners’ walls.

Glen’s Safety Initiatives at Buckeye Fasteners

Glen is a certified in BLS/CPR and serve as AED (Automative External Defibulator) coordinator. He started a program in 2006 to certify Buckeye Fasteners employees in CPR and First Aid. Over the past nearly 10 years, 65% of all employees are trained in CPR and First Aid. He has trained employees at the Valley City, Berea, and at the company's two Brook Park facilities. He is working to train employees at the Girard, Ohio plant. Since 2006, Roughly 200 employees have been trained in CPR and First Aid by Glen.


"Your Factory Source for Ohio Weld Fasteners" Employee Owned Since 1980